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a fork of the maven plugin from jruby to make in maven3 ready or so
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maven plugins for jruby

this is fork of and it basically did some better naming (in my opinion) and added spec goal. allow to reuse AbstactJrubyMojo in other projects and show how to do it in gem-maven-plugin

my problem with maven vs. gem

both project try to solve the same problems. I just wrote a gem for jruby only, now I need to include some java code as a jar file and I depend on 3rd party jars. what shall I do ? pack them all up with the gem. but then I loose all dependency info from my jars and I cannot share them and I might run into version conflicts later since for the gem a packed jar file is just file like any ruby file.

pending: this is an attempt to make gem artifact, make maven use gemcutter (or any other gem repository) extract a minimal pom from the gemspec.

current status

featurewise is this basically identical with the maven plugin from the jruby project.

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