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  • ruby 1.8.7 + rubygems

  • jruby >1.5.x


gem install ruby-maven

or jgem install ruby-maven

MRI performs much better due to the fast startup of the interpreter.

rmvn command

that is basically a proper maven with a ruby launcher. on top of it can use a gemspec file or a Gemfile as POM. originally the idea of non-xml POMs is coming from see for more details about the ruby DSL, etc

jetty-run command

just starts a jetty server inside a rails application if the Gemfile is suitable for jruby and suitable for maven (gems prereleased version are still a problem). if the Gemfile is suitable then just execute

$ jetty-run

and you will get an http port on 8080 and an https port on 8443 with selfsigned certifacte for localhost.

gwt command

this is a helper which allows to setup a rails application with a GWT UI and helps to run some gwt specific commands.

see for more details.