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A sample client to send and recieve messages on rabbitmq using the 'topic' feature.


Running the example program should connnnect to a rabbitmq server on localhost


It should send a message to the 'test_topic' every 2s as show by:

"Sending Message"

and print the following off the topic queue

[x] 'test_topic':'test'

Sending from console

from client import TopicClient
tc = TopicClient()
tc.publish_to_topic('hello', 'test_topic')

Registering callbacks to topic messages

def callback(ch, method, properties, body):
    print " [x] %r:%r" % (method.routing_key, body,)

tc = TopicClient()
tc.subscribe_to_topic(callback, 'test_topic')


The few config options there are can be changed in client/