Finds knight's tours on square boards of arbitrary size that follow Warnsdorff's rule
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Warnsdorff's Rule is a heuristic for finding knight's tours on chessboards. A conjecture by the original contributor of this code and Paul Cull is that Warnsdorff's rule, with suitable modifications, can give a knight's tour on any square board. You can use this program to generate tours according to this method on a square board of any size:

  1. Download this project.
  2. Follow the instructions in the INSTALL file (installing Python and required libraries).
  3. Type python 100 to produce instructions for a tour on a board of size 100.
  4. Type python 100 | python to see the tour drawn for you in a TkInter window.
  5. Type python 100 | python to get an swf (Flash) movie of the tour being drawn.

When the tour is "drawn" you see a square coloured blue or red when the knight reaches that square - blue indicates that no tiebreak was necessary, red that a tiebreak was needed (see the research paper cited above for more details).

I hope that users of this code are inspired to learn more about Warnsdorff's Rule, and perhaps to prove that the modified rule will actually produce tours on all square boards - this is known for boards whose size is equivalent to 7 mod 8, thanks to Sam Ganzfried's REU paper on the subject.