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cpptasks.pat - provides support for HP cc and AIX xlc_r
the classes listed below are copy-n-pastes from existing cpptasks
classes, simply changed program names, flags, etc.  the HP classes
were submitted as a patch to ant-contrib-developers on 10/09/2002,
to which there was no response, so have not bothered to submit the aix
SubsystemEnum patch is for the osf1 javac (aka tru64).
was throwing IllegalAccessError.
CUtil patch is for jdk 1.3 (StringBuffer.indexOf is 1.4+)
GccLinker patch adds -arch to known flags for building universal binaries

added       | derived from
HPCompiler  | aCCCompiler
HPLinker    | aCCLinker
XlcCompiler | VisualAgeCCompiler
XlcLinker   | VisualAgeLinker

prior to the fork,
these changes lived in
bindings/java/hyperic_jni/patches/cpptasks.pat which applies to:
cvs \
co -D"2006/04/28 15:00:00" cpptasks

the patch has been applied to this fork from:
git svn clone --no-metadata --trunk=trunk