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Foundation, Sass, Gulp, Browserify, Babel for ECMAScript 6, Autoprefixer, BrowserSync Live Reloading
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Foundation + Browserify Project Generator

Improve your workflow by harnessing the power of Browserify with your Foundation projects!

Head to the Quick Start Guide if you're ready to go. If you're not sure why you should be using this generator, or aren't familiar with some of the tools it offers, check out the Generator Overview Wiki.

This Generator Comes With

  • Foundation 6 / Foundation 5
  • Browserify dependency bundling
  • Gulp task management
  • Sass compiling
    • LibSass
    • Compass (option for Foundation 5)
  • BrowserSync server with live reloading
  • Babel for ECMAScript 6, 2015 preset (option)
  • Autoprefixer for CSS Vendor Prefixes (option)
  • Bourbon Sass Mixin Library (option)
  • Motion UI Sass Library (option for Foundation 6)
  • Source Maps (option)
  • Font Awesome iconic font (option)
  • Pug Template Engine (option)

Quick Start Guide


If Yeoman isn't already installed:

npm install -g yo

Install the generator from npm:

npm install -g generator-foundation-browserify

Already installed? Update to the latest version of the generator by running yo and selecting Update your generators

Generate a Project

Navigate to your project folder and initiate the generator:

yo foundation-browserify

Answer the configuration prompts and allow the installation to complete.


Within your project folder, run gulp to start the server and watch for changes:


Include the --prod flag to export production-ready minified files (note: increases gulp task time, leave off for dev purposes):

gulp --prod

Edit the html/pug, scss and js files in the src directory

Gulp will serve finalized versions to the build directory



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