Simple Push Server in Go
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Simple Push Server in Go

To build:

  cd go-push-server
  GOPATH=$PWD go build

To run:

  cp config-example.json config.json
  # ... edit config.json if required

To test:

  git submodule update
  cd simplepush_test
  bin/python bin/

The tests assume that the push server is running as the default port number and not running TLS

To test WebSockets with TLS, you will need a certificate. Here are simple instructions to create your own self-signed certificate for testing:


  openssl genrsa -des3 -out test.key 1024
  openssl req -new -key test.key -out test.csr
  cp test.key test.key.orig
  openssl rsa -in test.key.orig -out test.key
  openssl x509 -req -days 365 -in test.csr -signkey test.key -out test.crt

Then edit your config.json to enable TLS and point to your test certificate:

  "useTLS"           : true,
  "certFilename"     : "test.crt",
  "keyFilename"      : "test.key"

Because your certificate is self-signed, no push client will trust it yet. Open https://yourtestservername:8080/admin (https!) on your push client and, when prompted, accept the certificate and add a permanent exception.