Assets 2

This one's a doozy.

Structure Changes

  • The Features class has be dropped, and all related methods have been moved to Setup and Callbacks.
  • The SCSS is now handled via Compass.

New Features

  • Register custom columns for post types.
  • Registering meta boxes now uses register_meta for protection/sanitizing purposes (you can now pass a sanitize callback).
  • Merged addFile, setImage and editGallery field types into single media field type (backwards compatible).
  • New editor (TinyMCE basic mode) and map (Google Maps with marker placement) field types.
  • New the_head() Template method; print the entire head of the website, with options for analytics code, html5shiv, ajaxurl, favicon, viewport, on top of the usual wp_head().
  • New parent_filtering feature; adds a posts filter to let you view pages (and other posts) belonging to a specific parent.
  • Fields/Meta boxes now support save_single option; can now store data as multiple entries rather than an array.
  • Fields now support default option to set a default values.
  • Select field now supports option groups.
  • Repeater fields now support a simple template option.
  • New do_quicktags hook method for setting up custom quicktags.
  • New quickenqueue hook method for quick and easy script/style enqueueing.
    • Usable in Setup args as (admin_)css and (admin_)js.
  • New edit_meta_box hook method for editing the details of an existing metabox.
  • New extra_editor hook method for setting up and printing out an additional editor on the edit post screen.
  • New add_query_var hook method for registering up additional query vars.
  • Conditional meta boxes, fields and enqueues.
  • Numerous alias functions to various Template, Tool, Hooks methods.

Added Extensibility

  • Enabling a custom QuickStart feature adds quickstart-* to the theme's support list.
  • Added qs_helper_get_index filter to change the resulting ID for get_index()
  • New is_index_page() for index helper.
  • Added qs_helper_chunk_separator filter to change the separator used for the post_chunks helper (default is '')
  • Added custom javascript events; qs:item-added, qs:item-deleted, and qs:media-added.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now pass a callback for metabox via callback, fields or field arguments.
  • Taxonomy filter now support hierarchical terms.
  • Registering the same feature within multiple post types now works.
  • Fixed sortability on multi-file fields.
  • Fixed get_post_thumbnail_url() to actually use the $post_id when calling get_post_thumbnail_id() and added support for passing the post object
  • The mimetype is now properly sanitized when being used for the class name on the media field.


  • Improved handling of this[that] field names when saving.
  • QuickStart features order_manager, index_page, parent_filtering now support passing the post_type list directly.
  • The index_page feature logic has been refined to setup the hooks once to cover all the post types registered for it. Also added filter for the archive page link.
  • Registering a post with thumbnail support will ensure that the post-thumbnail theme support is enabled.
  • Refined the printing of custom settings fields.
  • Meta boxes will be preprocessed for certain instances (e.g. force simple mode on editor fields).
  • Taxonomy filter dropdown will now appear for any taxonomy, including ones setup for attachments.
  • Smart_Plugin callback saving can handle multiple hook tags for a callback, and allows you to pass your own hook info instead of relying on defined options.
  • Sortables like media and repeater now restyled to include a sort icon for easier usability.

Deprecated/Backwards Incompatible

  • The index_page feature no longer works completely on 3.9 and below; the wp_title hook has been dropped in favour of exclusively using the new wp_title_parts filter.
  • The addFile, setImage and editGallery field types are aliased to media and are considered deprecated.