Simplistic, cooperative turn-based Twitter game written in Python
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bopitbot is a simplistic, cooperative turn-based Twitter game written in Python. It is part social experiment and part goofy twitter fun. Read the instructions below to find out how to play along.


  1. Follow @bopitbot on twitter.
  2. Whenever @bopitbot issues you a command, respond to the appropriate bot within the allotted time to keep the game going.
  3. Accumulate points and compete for spots on the leaderboard.


Gameplay is divided into rounds consisting of one or more turns.

At the start of each turn, one of @bopitbot’s followers is randomly prompted to respond to one of six commands.

If the randomly chosen follower sucessfully responds to the correct bopitbot account within the alloted time, play continues on to the next randomly chosen follower’s turn.

However, if the chosen follower fails to respond to the appropriate bopitbot within the allotted time (or responds to an incorrect bopitbot), the round is over. The number of successful consecutive answers is tallied and points are awarded to all players who successfully responded during that round. Points are subtracted from the score of the chosen follower and the next round begins.

Tip: Players can maximize points by working together to chain multiple successful turns in order to earn bonus multipliers.

Official Bots

Planned Features

  • Leaderboard
  • Multiple bot accounts

Miscellaneous Notes

Gameplay Flowchart

Gameplay Flowchart



  • player name
  • score
  • successes
  • fails
  • created date


  • points
  • chosen follower
  • players list