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A high performance blog in under 130 lines of code. No MySQL needed!
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brecksblog README

1. What is brecksblog? What does it require?
2. What websites are powered by brecksblog?
3. How do I install brecksblog? 
4. What are the core benefits of brecksblog?
5. What features does it have?
6. What features will not be added to brecksblog?
7. What are known issues?
8. How do I upgrade my version?
9. How do I get help?
10. Who contributes to brecksblog?
11. What is brecksblog licensed under?
12. Todo

1. What is brecksblog?

A high performance blog in under 130 lines of code! No MySQL needed!
breckblog helps you focus on what's important: content. You need PHP and
Apache with mod_rewrite for it to work.

2. What websites are powered by brecksblog?

Contact breck7 at if you'd like your site added to the list.

3. How do I install brecksblog?

Two ways: simple and advanced.

Simple: Download the install.php script. Upload it to your web directory. Access it in your browser, like

Follow the onscreen instructions. You may have to make sure permissions are set correctly on that directory. That's it!

Advanced: Download or copy the 4 source files(index.php, .htaccess, posts.php, settings.php) into your root directory. 
Change the settings.php settings in a text editor. Save and run. You do not need install.php (or this README).

4. Benefits

- Simple software forces you to focus on what's important in blogging: content!
- Does great SEO for you! All you need to do is write great content and get inbound links
- Simple! No complicated database or lots of files to install.
- Get publishing in no time. Get visitors, earn money(if that's your goal)!
- Perfect for lazy people. Quickest software in terms of writing and editing posts.
- Easy to extend(if you want to). While we'll keep it small and simple, feel free to customize your own version.
- Create multiple blogs fast! Just make one folder per blog.

5. Features

- Stores entries as one text file(posts.php). No database needed!
- Easy to write, edit, and delete posts!
- No login needed. Just use your password each time you edit a page.
- SEO friendly URLs, titles, and meta description.
- Less than 130 lines of code! Easy to extend and modify.
- Simple, clean layout. Easy to change CSS.
- You can add HTML, Javascript, and CSS to your posts.
- Add Google Analytics and any other analytics in the settings.php
- Works great under loads (so far).
- Easy 1 file install (coming soon).
- Easy 1 click updates (coming soon).
- No clutter! No comments, etc., 
- Easy to add real time stats(coming soon).

6. (un)Features

The following will likely never be added (at least in this branch) to breckblog

- Comments. You can add Disqus, or just submit your content to social sites with comments.
- Voting. Social sites are great for that.
- "Share this on". Just go to the site and submit it.
- Themes. We'll improve the basic one, but may not add any more.
- Drafts.
- Multiple authors.
- Plugins.
- Widgets.

7. Known issues

- File permissions. Your file permissions have to be set correctly. Make sure posts.php and settings.php are writeable.
- Mod_rewrite. You need mod_rewrite enabled for it to work.
- Untested. This software has not been thoroughly tested.
- Password. If someone guesses your password, it's a serious security vulnerability so far.
- Brute force password guessing. There is no protection yet against brute force guessing attempts.
- Things that may break it: posts with the same timestamp or name. Having lots of posts. Getting lots of traffic while editing.
- No backups. There is no system yet to auto backup posts.php. This may be added.

8. How to upgrade

Upgrades are coming soon.

9. How do I get help?

Contact the admins through github or breck7 at

10. Who contributes to brecksblog?

Breck Yunits(breck7), Doug Tyler(dougwt)

11. License

Released under the MIT license.

12. Todo

- Get it under 100 lines.
- Reduce long lines to under 80 characters.
- Better security
- 1 file install
- 1 click updates (maybe)
- Allow multiple blogs from same domain. Not sure if /, blog/, blog/blog2/ will work
- Enable 1 file install for php versions earlier than 5.3 
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