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About This Django App

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How it works

Bandcamp 2 MusicBrainz helper

This application scrapes a Bandcamp album page & outputs scraped data in a MusicBrainz friendly format. In the future I will try to implement an automatic post to MusicBrainz assuming their API allows it.

About BandCamp Scraper

This project has a clean and reusable scraper module, check it out at Tests for this module are found under

Nerdy part of the project

  • uses unittest'ing
  • uses coverage for testing
  • uses mock for faking scraped html
  • usages of type annotations
  • custom __str__ method implementation | __str__ > __repr__
  • custom __getitem__ implementation
  • file load hack for unit tests: create a python variable.
  • shows how to override a python FormObject.is_valid() method
  • shows that I know how write regexes
  • implements custom dict class
  • added custom css to django form widget
  • is completely dockerized for production and development
  • has automatic builds as soon as source is pushed to github master branch
  • uses decouple package for storing of secrets
  • uses for simple config value overrides
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