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An iOS7 view controller that uses Text Kit to make a double-spaced input text field.
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An iOS7 view controller that uses Text Kit to make a double-spaced input text field.


I was learning TextKit and found it incredibly hard to create a double-spaced text field that looked good for inputting text. The simplest implementation is to use NSLayoutManagerDelegate's -layoutManager:lineSpacingAfterGlyphAtIndex:withProposedLineFragmentRect: method, but then the input caret and highlight regions are too tall.

After a week of fiddling with it, this was the solution I landed on. I figured it might be useful to others, or they might see something clever that I don't and help me make this better.

How It Works

Whenever new text appears in the text field, the DoubleSpacedTextViewController loops over all the line fragments and moves them down to the appropriate location. Simple as that.

Things To Improve

  • Performance - There's a huge opportunity to improve perf. Most times, a single keystroke won't add or remove a line fragment, so it's doing all this extra computation for the sake of a simpler implementation.
  • TextView's Delegate - Because I rely on the UITextView's -textViewDidChange delegate call, the delegate needs to stay attached to the controller. If there's another mechanism I could use to re-layout the line fragments, then I wouldn't have this constraint.
  • Anything else - If there's something I haven't thought of, I'd love to hear it.
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