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  • v6.0.0
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@silviuaavram silviuaavram released this Jul 21, 2020 · 26 commits to master since this release

6.0.0 (2020-07-21)


  • Update TS typings for selectedItem to accept null in both useSelect and useCombobox.

To migrate to the new change, update your types or code if necessary. selectedItem, defaultSelectedItem and initialSelectedItem now have Item | null instead of Item type. PR with the changes: #1090

  • Update TS typings for itemToString to accept null for the item parameter, in useSelect and useCombobox + in Downshift where this was missing. useMultipleSelection type for itemToString stays the same as it can't receive null as item.

To migrate to the new change, update your types or code if necessary. itemToString: (item: Item) => string -> itemToString: (item: Item | null) => string}. PR with the changes: #1075 #1105

  • Pass type to the onChange (onInputValueChange, onHighlightedIndexChange, onSelectedItemChange, onIsOpenChange) handler parameters, as specified in the documentation. Also updated the TS typings to reflect this + onStateChange - the type parameter was passed but it was not reflected in the TS types.

To migrate to the new change, update your types or code if necessary, better to view the changes in the PR: #985. Important: please update to the 6.0.2 version since it contains a couple of fixes for the changes in this Breaking Change. Final changes:

  stateReducer?: (
    state: UseComboboxState<Item>,
    actionAndChanges: UseComboboxStateChangeOptions<Item>, // UseComboboxStateChangeOptions has the correct typings
  ) => Partial<UseComboboxState<Item>> // this now reflects the correct return, which is the partial state.
  onSelectedItemChange?: (changes: UseComboboxStateChange<Item>) => void // changes have partial state + type
  onIsOpenChange?: (changes: UseComboboxStateChange<Item>) => void 
  onHighlightedIndexChange?: (changes: UseComboboxStateChange<Item>) => void
  onStateChange?: (changes: UseComboboxStateChange<Item>) => void
  onInputValueChange?: (changes: UseComboboxStateChange<Item>) => void


export interface UseComboboxStateChangeOptions<Item>
  extends UseComboboxDispatchAction<Item> { // type and optional parameters needed to compute the next state
  changes: Partial<UseComboboxState<Item>> // partial state changes proposed by the hook

export interface UseComboboxDispatchAction<Item> {
  type: UseComboboxStateChangeTypes
  shiftKey?: boolean
  getItemNodeFromIndex?: (index: number) => HTMLElement
  inputValue?: string
  index?: number
  highlightedIndex?: number
  selectedItem?: Item | null
  selectItem?: boolean

export interface UseComboboxStateChange<Item>
  extends Partial<UseComboboxState<Item>> {
  type: UseComboboxStateChangeTypes


  • [useCombobox]: When an item is highlighted by keyboard and user closes the menu using mouse/touch, the item is not selected anymore. The only selection on Blur happens using either Tab / Shift+Tab. PR with the changes: #1109

  • [useCombobox & downshift]: When pressing Escape and the menu is open, only close the menu. When the menu is closed and there is an item selected and/or text in the input, clear the selectedItem and the inputValue. PR with the changes: #719

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