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Enhancement (7/31/18)

  • Adding a remote JS file to admin pages for easier messaging


Bugfixes & enhancements (5/24/18)

  • (GDPR compliance) Added opt-in checkbox for cookies in comment form
  • Fixed bug causing forms with a Tile submit button containing an image to submit twice


Bugfixes & enhancements (5/3/18)

  • Changes for compatability with PHP 7.2
  • Change in Instagram API requires us to keep requesting images until we have enough
  • Improved font rendering in Firefox


Bugfixes (2/16/18)

  • Fix a bug with thumbnail galleries when closing full-window mode and re-clicking same image
  • Prevent slight grid rendering problem caused by CloudFlare injecting script tags into grid markup


Bugfixes & enhancements (2/12/18)

  • fix rare problem (usually on Dreamhost) with varnish cache and WordPress content not updating
  • allow plugin to disable inclusion of Facebook javascript
  • support new WooCommerce gallery type
  • fix broken appearance of "Customize" button on P6 theme block in "Appearance" > "Themes" page
  • add button to manually clear Instagram cache



  • fix problem with ProPhoto text widget turning same-domain links into relative urls after recent WordPress update



  • fix bug caused by a recent WordPress update that can prevent customizations from saving correctly


Bugfixes & enhancements (12/15/17)

  • ignore non-public taxonomies (like Yoast's "Prominent SEO words") for template assignments in customizer
  • try to prevent some false-positive warnings from security plugins regarding usage of base64_en/decode
  • add extra safeguard for extremely rare bug where all text widgets dissappear due to serialized data corruption
  • prevent customizer stuck on loading graphic in rare scenarios where WPML has been de-activated
  • clarify in customizer that video backgrounds don't work on phones
  • fix ios fixed/scroll override on columns
  • fix bug that could prevent form validation message font style to not correctly apply
  • prevent rare bug caused by plugins or services injecting unexpected script tags inside of grids


Bugfix (11/29/17)

  • guard against very rare scenario where template assignments get corrupted from 6.21.3 migration


Bugfixes & enhancements (11/21/17)

  • fix post/page template assignments not accounting for customizing vs. live design
  • show more descriptive error messages for registration failures
  • allow plugins to prevent ProPhoto from inserting missing content image database records


WP 4.9.0 Compat & Bugfix (10/24/17)

  • prevent errors from changes introduced by WordPress in 4.9.0
  • fix display bug with slide-up style overlay grids having excerpt text or read-more links


Bugfix (10/17/17)

  • fix a bug with customization inheritance between templates caused by WordPress security update 4.8.2


New features -- Blog post (10/2/17)

  • New feature: Customize ProPhoto gallery permalink slug #798
  • New feature: Control ProPhoto galleries with arrow keys #218
  • New feature: Display post author name & link in post header or footer #595
  • New feature: Optionally disable swipe-to-open functionality for mobile menu #622
  • Enhancement: Ajax-loaded gallery images now fully support WordPress-driven alt text #737
  • Enhancement: Set a unique background color for footer copyright area only #391
  • Enhancement: Remove outdated rich structured markup to easily support plugins focused on that domain #796
  • removed confusing fallback horizontal menu used when no menu widgets present #775
  • default is now for ProPhoto page-caching to be enabled
  • fix bug where page cache did not expire when a new comment was added
  • fix bug with WordPress 4.8.2 that can cause fatal error in customizer


Bugfixes & support enhancements (7/31/17)

  • fix bug with font styles not being correctly applied to form dropdown elements
  • fix new Firefox flexbox bug with full-height blocks and aligned rows
  • added support helpers for quicker diagnostics and support replies


Bugfixes (7/10/17)

  • remove babel polyfill to prevent errors from new version of Yoast
  • restore support for lists in P6 text widget
  • update initial activation welcome video
  • allow plugins to prevent P6 javascript from loading


Bugfix (6/19/17)

  • fix build error in 6.20.3 causing ProPhoto admin Settings page errors and other admin javascript problems


Bugfixes (6/16/17)

  • fix flexbox rendering bug in Firefox (PC) for full-height blocks
  • fix auto-starting slideshows in old versions of Safari


WP 4.8 Compat (6/6/17)

  • ensure compatibility with WordPress 4.8, due for release soon
  • fix graphic selects components overridable when inheriting #758


Bugfix (5/22/17)

  • prevent fatal error for proofing plugin users updating to 6.20.x who haven't recently logged-in


New free designs & features -- Blog post (5/18/17)

  • New feature: Agency -- new free included starter design #745
  • New feature: Creative -- new free included starter design #745
  • New feature: New Age -- new free included starter design #745
  • New feature: gallery image label overlays (number or filename)
  • New feature: window-height block row alignment (top, center, bottom, or spread)
  • New feature: control auto-updating preference and allow trigging of forced update #570
  • New feature: block/row/column scroll-to links can be appended to home and page menu items
  • support columns having top/bottom padding greater than 50%
  • fix responsive breakpoint inheriting settings not always reflected on site front layout
  • fix bug with tile shape layer border-radius
  • fix bug with horizontal menu alignment using new Custom Text menu item from 6.19.0
  • fix rendering of Pinterest pin-any call-to-action link text


Bugfixes (5/10/17)

  • fix gallery sizing problem introduced in recent build
  • fix PHP warning with numbered pagination when not enough posts to require pagination
  • add safeguards to prevent rare fatal errors running template inheritance repair migration


Bugfixes (5/9/17)

  • fix php warnings in widgets admin screen introduced in 6.19.0
  • fix inability to edit embedded ProPhoto galleries due to change in TinyMCE in WordPress 4.7.4
  • fix slide style widget transition animations on Safari when also rendering a sticky block
  • fix form placeholder selected font style not taking effect
  • prevent PHP notice (only visible if WP_DEBUG on) when rendering ProPhoto gallery pages


Bugfixes (5/5/17)

  • fix php warnings from plugin widgets introduced in 6.19.0
  • ensure plugin widgets support new widget animation feature
  • don't incorrectly show widget animation options for call-to-action items


New features -- Blog post (5/3/17)

  • New feature: Widget visibility animations #746
  • New feature: Featured image background images & widget #371
  • New feature: Copy/paste blocks, rows, and columns in the customizer #474
  • New feature: Numbered pagination for older/newer posts #352
  • New feature: Significantly expanded customization options for ProPhoto forms #447
  • New feature: Customizer onboarding wizard #744
  • New feature: New "Post header widget" allows for placing post/page header in custom locations
  • New feature: New "Spacer widget" for fine-grained overrides of widget spacing
  • New feature: New menu item type: Custom text -- for non-linking menu items and custom containers #589
  • fix bug displaying uploaded Facebook blog posts page preview image
  • fix bug with non-inheriting form customization settings & repair broken designs
  • fix auto-update logic issue for proofing plugin users
  • images inside a sticky block should never be lazy-loaded to prevent sizing issues
  • ensure compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin's configurator page
  • fix post-separator showing after last post on page #268
  • fix bug with widget blockquote font styles not being applied #743
  • fix rare tile rendering bugs when a plugin strips html comments
  • fix sizing bugs with thumbnail galleries having height constraint
  • trigger mobile menu to close when clicking a link with a hash
  • add some default styling to <dl>, <table>, and <address> tags


Bugfixes (4/19/17)

  • workaround plugins flushing rewrite rules in a way that results in ProPhoto gallery permalink 404 errors
  • add filter for plugins to influence display of excerpts
  • remove whitespace in tile text layers to prevent very rare rendering bugs in Edge
  • better handle absolute urls with scroll-to hashes


Bugfixes (4/12/17)

  • fix display problem with carousel galleries due to build error
  • prevent ProPhoto from attempting to cache rest api routes
  • toggle hamburger toggle button state when swiping to open/close mobile menu
  • fix post page gallery creation and rest request errors for users with outdated versions of WordPress


New features -- Blog post (4/11/17)

  • New feature: New gallery style: Carousel #453
  • New feature: Video backgrounds for blocks from uploaded mp4s, YouTube, Vimeo #363
  • New feature: New video widget - simplifies embedding videos from YouTube/Vimeo responsively
  • New feature: Built-in page caching for speed improvement #747
  • New feature: Customizable widths for ProPhoto form field elements #580
  • fix bug with certain combinations archive excerpts display settings #751
  • switched to composer class-map auto-loading for page load speed improvement
  • removed many uneccesary files not used in production for faster/safer auto-updates
  • optimize number and timing of requests made by customizer to help hosts that struggle with concurrency
  • fix rare bug exporting designs with Call-to-Action items and WP_DEBUG enabled
  • fix grid retina image functionality for newer devices with very high pixel density ratios
  • fix bug with logged contact form submissions displaying fields out of order when > 8 form fields


Security fix (3/22/17)

  • prevent an unauthorized request from exposing data that should be only visible to admins


Bugfixes (3/21/17)

  • fix bug with contact form slow submission processing when combined with CloudFlare
  • fix Pinterest pin single image tile/image margin customizations not taking effect
  • fix occasional bug uploading image for featured image from post/page editor screen
  • fix tile bug in Internet Explorer when images are scaled down in size
  • workaround issue with Pinterest not accepting dynamic image creation endpoints
  • updated tutorial link in ProPhoto settings area
  • slightly improve admin performance by being more selective about when to flush rewrite rules
  • clear cache from "WP Fastest Cache" when customizations made


Bugfixes (3/11/17)

  • show users incompatible WordPress message if less than WordPress 4.4.0
  • fix bug causing Call-to-action items to not render on gallery pages
  • fix bug with title tags on paged page-types older than first page
  • fix bug for proofing users unable to upload images to proofing images
  • update outdated url for finding Facebook admin id


New features -- Blog post (3/8/17)

  • New feature: Create ProPhoto galleries from post/page edit screen #527
  • New feature: Allow collapsing of blocks in customizer, remembering selection between templates and sessions #463
  • New feature: Set image alt attribute text for image widgets #725
  • New feature: Image protection attempts to prevent drag/drop of protected images #594


Bugfix (3/3/17)

  • work around memory issues causing crashing on mobile safari with large crossfade galleries #742


Bugfix & caching compatibility (3/1/17)

  • fix a bug introduced by 6.16.0 where gallery would resize when encountering images with different aspect ratios
  • attempt to clear various possible caching layers when the admin is making customizations
  • prevent caching of password-protected posts
  • workaround issue with WP Super Cache sending template css with incorrect content-type


Performance enhancement (2/27/17)

  • improved gallery perfomance on mobile devices


New features, enhancements, & bugfixes -- Blog post (2/24/17)

  • New feature: WooCommerce support #723
  • New feature: Significantly updated versions of free included designs Sunny and Square, with more templates & leveraging more recent ProPhoto features
  • New feature: Allow constraining gallery vertical height to percentage of window height #627
  • New feature: Allow inserting of gallery as ordered full-size images into posts & pages #715
  • New feature: Custom upload for Facebook blog posts page preview image #566
  • New feature: Optionally disable all ProPhoto Facebook preview og:meta to allow plugin override without duplicate meta tags #724
  • Enhancement: Add support for Facebook og:image:width and og:image:height for better first-time sharing previews
  • fix animation jitter in galleries during lazy gallery page loading
  • fix problem with letterspacing in font-styles for tiles #562
  • fix rare possibility of CSS being generated for wrong design caused by caching layers #738
  • fix intermittent sizing issues in galleries on Safari #513
  • fix font-style word-spacing attribute not applying on site front
  • prevent rare Safari tile rendering problems caused by uneccessary trailing <br /> tags in tile text layers
  • add safegaurd against extremetly rare problem with corrupt text widget strings causing loss of all text widget data
  • fix lack of styling for logged-out commenting explanatory text
  • optimize image lazy-load counting to prevent rare problems with element sizing near site header
  • fix rare bug for users on outdated PHP builds missing PHP multi-byte string support
  • prevent tile rendering problems in Firefox and older IE versions when text overflows tile before scaling
  • fix error preventing admin deleting ProPhoto downsized/modified images from settings area
  • fix bug causing full-window galleries to display behind sticky blocks


Bugfix (2/10/17)

  • fix additional problem with clicking menu items in sticky blocks caused by new version of Chrome (56)


Bugfix (2/9/17)

  • workaround bug in new version of Chrome (56) causing problems with sticky blocks


Bugfixes (2/6/17)

  • fix error loading customizer for rare users missing PHP multi-byte string functions, introduced in 6.15.4
  • fix creation of "Recent posts from category" grid when first category never changed


Bugfixes (2/1/17)

  • fix 2 bugs that cause newly added premium designs or newly copied designs from being immediately visible
  • fix a problem with corrupted strings when lower-casing Cyrillic and other UTF-8 strings
  • fix error copying widgets between templates when target template has no widget of same type
  • fix bug exporting designs with .woff custom fonts that could cause import and customization problems
  • prevent rare scenarios where users could delete active design
  • attempt to recover from scenario where the active design could not be loaded
  • add "Cache-safe CSS" mode to help with poorly implemented caching layers
  • fix rare bug with sticky blocks and window resize events
  • don't use position:sticky for sticky blocks when within an iframe because of Safari bug


Bugfixes (1/18/17)

  • fix bug that could cause galleries inserted into posts to be deleted in some circumstances while editing post/page
  • fix bug with sticky-block menus falling behind tiles in Safari
  • added support tooling enhancements


Bugfixes (1/13/17)

  • change session token storage to work around buggy host/plugin code and caching strategies which caused repeated "Let me customize - session detected" warnings in the ProPhoto customizer
  • fixed bug causing Call to Action items to render on static home page when not set to in some cases


Bugfixes (1/5/17)

  • fix gallery images wrongly inheriting post image margins since 6.14.7 #733
  • fix non-working pinterest default pinit style since 6.15.0 #732


Domain change (12/27/16)

  • compatibility with new domain and API infrastructure


Bugfix (12/22/16)

  • fix Safari rendering bug caused by MS Edge flexbox bugfix from 6.14.7


Bugfixes (12/16/16)

  • fix bug where pinit overlay tile images were inheriting post image border and margin #730
  • add filter to allow plugins to bypass url prefixing
  • fix minor rendering bug in tiles within grids
  • fix bug causing menu drop-downs in non-stuck sticky block to fall behind other items
  • fix sizing bug for pinterest overlay when html attributes constraining image size
  • fix MS Edge flexbox rendering bug for latest build of Edge
  • fix some PHP notices from PHP 7.1 in strict error reporting mode
  • prevent fatal errors caused by deleted pinterest button graphics
  • fix form email time rendering when using UTC offsets #728


Bugfix & new videos (11/21/16)

  • fix padding bug for gallery thumbnail strips on iPads
  • replace post-registration welcome video with updated version
  • embed ProPhoto bar video in ProPhoto bar notification about itself


Bugfixes (11/9/16)

  • fix pinterest pin overlay not rendered for images with no class attribute #727
  • fix pinit overlay sizing problems for small or right/left aligned images #726
  • fix layout bug in new version of Chrome causing content to spill below footer


Bugfixes (11/4/16)

  • enhancement - add classes to rendered form and form elements for custom styling
  • clarify language regarding Facebook comments in customizer
  • fix some HTML validation errors
  • don't show ProPhoto techs ProPhoto bar notifications


Bugfixes (10/31/16)

  • fix bug causing srcset not to choose most optimal image size
  • fix iOS longpress to save image prevented when image protection off #721
  • fix duplicated data in Sunny free design that can cause customization problems
  • add support/tech tooling for diagnosing duplicate customization data


Bugfixes (10/27/16)

  • fix prophoto bar notifications not staying dismissed for web hosts not supporting http DELETE #719
  • fix post content image margin incorrectly applying to gallery thumbnails #720
  • fix design setup wizard not always on-boarding correct design


Bugfixes (10/20/16)

  • fix problem causing fatal error for a percentage of users updating to 6.14.0
  • directly link to customizer template assignments from post/page template assignment override metabox
  • fix grid widget admin labels being cleared when creating a new grid widget


New features (10/19/16)

  • New feature: Preview and customize non-live designs -- show one design to visitors while you work on another #542
  • New feature: New "Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode" free design to be used while customizing a different design #553
  • New feature: Embedded gallery shortcodes now displayed as interactive visual graphic element in post editor #642
  • New feature: Control visibility of gallery permalink page titles and dates #365
  • New feature: Customizing design switcher in customizer and front-end ProPhoto bar
  • Enhancement: totally re-designed Manage Designs screen with better design, usability & support for customizing non-live designs


Bugfix (10/6/16)

  • fix another bug related to new WPML functionality - menu item dynamic children strings continually re-registered


Bugfixes (10/6/16)

  • prevent some problems with WPML's latest update and string auto-registration #713
  • prevent multiple customizer sessions from same browser, different tabs #711
  • fix harmless but invalid css being generated #710
  • fix copied tiles sharing WPML text layer translation #708
  • increase possible max-width for column borders
  • allow viewing pages without all user-supplied custom CSS


Instagram grid type and bugfixes -- Blog post (9/27/16)

  • New feature: New grid type: Instagram feed #241
  • fix extra spacing for non-overlaid gallery thumbstrips on small devices #654
  • fix output of telephone tel:xxx... links in graphics widgets #706
  • prevent very rare fatal error for hosts without php-exif support #707
  • fix appearance of "Remove custom font" button on narrow screens #698
  • fix appearance of special characters in menu titles #699
  • added some tooling for ProPhoto support techs for faster diagnosis of issues



  • fix errors copying or saving edits to tiles made previous to 6.12.0 #703



  • fix slightly incorrect alignment of vertically centered rollover grid text
  • prevent design on-boarder from hanging when bad menu item data encountered


Features, enhancements and bugfixes -- Blog post (9/14/16)

  • New feature: Mobile menu toggle can now be a ProPhoto tile with customizeable "active" state #357
  • New feature: Optional background images for grid items & background color/image for whole grids #677
  • Enhancement: overlay grid text vertical alignment control #676
  • Enhancement: control text length of post grid item excerpt text #678
  • Enhancement: allow uploading of "featured" images for categories, for use in category grids #592
  • Enhancement: allow uploading of grid item fallback images #354
  • fix overlay grid overlays not always perfectly matching size of underlying image #162
  • fix WP RSS feed request not redirecting to Feedburner when valid Feedburner url set #569
  • fix background color for light-color font-style previews #696
  • fix custom grid items set to open link in new page not working for clicks on rollover overlay #697


Enhancement & bugfix (9/8/16)

  • Enhancement: re-enable Pinterest "pin site image" Call to Action item now that it should be working reliably
  • fix php notice from 6.11.0 that breaks tile display only when WP_DEBUG turned on


Features, enhancements and bugfixes -- Blog post (9/7/16)

  • New feature: Pinterest pinning of individual content images #229
  • New feature: Toggle visibility of nested items in mobile/vertical menu #282
  • Enhancement: allow aligning mobile menu and hamburger icon on site right side
  • Enhancement: allow translating of menu item and graphic widget urls for WPML #695
  • fix problem with phantom image attachments being generated when downsizing threshold set very low #690
  • fix failure to show customization group "locked" state when jumping between levels with breadcrumbs #691
  • fix galleries that hang because of missing thumbnail sizes #688
  • fix grid display bug when sizing constraints set extremely narrow #692
  • fix problem importing remote design assets from us-east-1 Amazon S3 region
  • fix display of form submission email subjects to honor timezone setting #694


Bugfix (9/1/16)

  • fix galleries showing up empty in non-primary lanugage when using WPML
  • fix incorrect front page displaying when using WMPL string translation
  • fix overlay grid background color not displaying after 6.10 update


Bugfix (8/31/16)

  • fix empty space below grid in certain scenarios (introduced in 6.10.0)


New features, enhancements, and bugfixes -- Blog post (8/31/16)

  • New feature: Use tile or image for custom form submit button #550
  • New feature: Support opacity option for every customizable color #430
  • New feature: Column border customizations #314
  • Enhancement: Clarify customization UI when customizations inheriting from parent template #521
  • Enhancement: Allow toggling of grid item optional text in every situation #674
  • Enhancement: Allow clicking directly to where inherited customization is coming from in tooltip #225
  • Enhancement: Add clickable breadcrumbs for template/block/row/column items
  • Enhancement: Use image from embedded gallery as post excerpt image when no other image present #438
  • Enhancement: Ensure grids that don't take up full width of context are centered #333
  • Enhancement: Only permit renaming blocks at highest template level to prevent the illusion of upward inheritance
  • fix cropped grids not keeping rows even when differing amounts of text #421
  • fix password protected galleries not showing password form #682
  • fix problem with translated page for posts in WPML #681
  • ensure custom grid item opens in new window/tab when set to #673
  • fix a few fringe problems with form remote email sending #672
  • improve handling of timezone for form submissions #667
  • fix application of template-specific watermarking settings #670
  • fix rare circumstance where ProPhoto bar would not be shown if theme file editing disabled


Bugfix (8/16/2016)

  • fix custom grid items showing title twice instead of title and text


New features -- Blog post (8/15/16)

  • New feature: Support for WPML multi-language plugin #235
  • New feature: Forms now offer multiple-choice (radio) and select dropdown field options #577


Features, enhancements, & bugfixes -- Blog post (8/10/16)

  • New feature: Image lazyloading (currently disabled by default) #410
  • Enhancement: Design onboarding menu-item step for connecting content menu items #639
  • Enhancement: Improve usability of included "Morgan" design with simpler templates and better inheritance
  • Enhancement: Add a "blog" menu item type that always links to blog posts page
  • fix thumbnail gallery and grid images not being included in right-click image protection #665
  • add widget labels for grid widgets replaced by text placeholders
  • remove embedded help widget (every admin page still has help link for contacting us)


Bugfix (8/5/16)

  • fix error that caused proofing plugin users to not see their orders


Bugfixes (8/4/16)

  • fix wrong layout rendered when returning to layout component after switching templates
  • fix tooltip alignment for add-row elements
  • fix bug that can cause very small tile borders to be invisible


Bugfix (8/3/16)

  • fix inability to load Call-to-Action appearance & assignments areas in customizer since 6.7.0


Features, enhancements, & bugfixes -- Blog post (8/2/16)

  • New feature: Design on-boarding wizard to guide through front page & template assignments #638
  • New feature: Customizable form submission email subject & body #551
  • New feature: Find all template background images from site front toolbar & click to edit #637
  • New feature: Front-end ProPhoto bar inspect mode inspects and links to blocks, rows, columns, & widgets #636
  • New feature: Form submission success & error redirect urls #599
  • Enhancement: Add domain-based email sendfrom and remote email sending to improve email delivery rates #641
  • Enhancement: Override form notification email recipeient on a per-form basis
  • Enhancement: Don't close customization modals when clicking "save" #465
  • Enhancement: Add toggle for excerpt "read more" link #575
  • Enhancement: Add default "read more" link font styles to included designs
  • Enhancement: Power customizer state through url route to allow direct linking to any state
  • fix google/statcounter analytics wrongly counting admin visits #656
  • fix incorrect sizing of sticky-block placeholder #655
  • fix major javascript error when trying to render gallery with zero images #652
  • isolate javascript modules to prevent error in one from bringing down others #653
  • fix error loading image in customizer if filename contained comma #648


Bugfixes (7/28/16)

  • prevent & fix problems with non-working front-page and call-to-action settings #650
  • fix bug causing galleries to hang on very small images #651
  • fix occasional weird display of long decimal values in tile height field #649


Enhancement/bugfix (7/26/16)

  • import selected P5/4 settings #619


Bugfixes (7/22/16)

  • fix bug resolving page for posts if WordPress option never existed #647
  • fix email reply-to address header #646
  • fix slashes being added to saved ProPhoto site settings #645
  • hide P3 gallery placeholders on site front #644


Bugfix (7/20/16)

  • fix bug affecting a few updaters to 6.6.x causing static home page setting not to be obeyed


Bugfixes (7/20/16)

  • fix rare error from archives menu item when zero published posts #632
  • fix front-end widget link hash broken in 6.6.0


Features & enhancements -- Blog post (7/20/16)

  • Front-page settings now controlled in customizer on a per-design basis
  • Reorganize customizer to clearly distinguish between design and template areas #196
  • Fix problems saving site settings in very rare circumstances #629
  • Fix deleting menu item from library pops up two modals #630


Bugfix (7/13/16)

  • fix bug causing mobile menu hamburger icon click to not work #623


Features & enhancements -- Blog post (7/12/16)

  • Add "ProPhoto bar" on front for admins with inspecting and direct links to edit widgets
  • Allow max-height constraint based on window size for content images #395
  • Use form submitted email address as notification reply-to address #552
  • Cross-browser compatible form required field validation with customizable messages #587


Hotfix (7/11/16)

  • disables caching of front-end query because we didn't consider how templates are resolved ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #621


Performance enhancement (7/11/16)

  • cache main front-end query for faster page loads


Bugfixes (7/8/16)

  • fix fatal error from Seo class on pages where $post can't be found #618
  • fix fatal errors on PHP 5.3.6 #617
  • fix errors related to call-to-action from designs exported at 6.4.0


Bugfixes & performance improvements (7/7/16)

  • optimize main design database query for faster page loads
  • fix errors copying certain templates & inability to create copies of broken copies #611
  • fix inability to import P3-era galleries if source post can't be found #614
  • fix column vertical padding not applied on MS Edge #612
  • fix inability to delete images in certain scenarios in customizer #613
  • fix content images broken due to failure to correct for previous site url locations #609
  • fix password-protected post translation settings not applying #616
  • fix unintuitive reordering of blocks #590
  • fix problems with SEO and Facebook meta fields #529


Bugfix (7/1/16)

  • Minor release adding some internal tooling for troubleshooting "undeletable" widgets


Bugfixes (6/30/16)

  • fixes bug where tile selector would not scroll in a modal window
  • fixes bug where exported form widgets would not render on front #606
  • fixes bug with call to action groups on multi-post pages #605
  • fixes inheritance issue with "Nav & Logo" block in "About" and "Info" templates in bundled design "Morgan"


Bugfix (6/29/16)

  • fix fatal errors resulting from call to action database changes


Thumbnail galleries, Call to Action, and more -- Blog post (6/29/16)

  • New feature: Thumbnail-style galleries #351
  • New feature: Responsive call-to-action items #223
  • New feature: Gallery "full-window" mode: an alternative to "fullscreen" and a great fallback for devices that don't support HTML5 fullscreen api (iPhones, iPads, IE10)
  • fix bug deleting widgets caused by possibility of using duplicate widget ids from simultaneous customizer tabs #603
  • fix non-taxonomy custom post type (like uncategorized proofing galleries) template assignments not applying #602
  • fix auto-update failures on certain servers caused by too-long temp filename #601


Bugfixes (6/23/16)

  • fix crossfading galleries occasionally going blank when images slow to load #598
  • fix fatal error caused if plugin widget deactivated before deleting widget from P6 #596
  • improve display of small-sized image dropzone upload areas


New features, enhancements, and bugfixes -- Blog post (6/22/16)

  • New feature: Custom grids #220
  • Enhancement: Newly added block or row will now always appear in all child templates, regardless of inheritance state
  • Enhancement: Many more template assignment controls, including 404, post categories, custom post types, proofing galleries, individual posts, individual galleries #439
  • Enhancement: Hardware acceleration for better tile transitions and border behavior #501
  • Enhancement: Tile text layer alignment options #459
  • Enhancement: Allow linebreaks in tile text layers #458
  • Fix bug causing script/slanted fonts to be partially cut off in tile text layers #582
  • Guard against non-standard plugin widgets that can't be rendered #588
  • Fix hiding of sticky block at responsive breakpoints #591


Bugfixes & experimental PHP7 support (6/14/16)

  • Enhancement: PHP7 support (tested, but considered experimental for a few weeks) #563
  • Fix bug with tiles showing unexpected space below #567
  • Fix non-working Facebook comments design settings #568
  • Fix misleading display of inheriting image settings in customizer #490
  • Fix sticky block mobile menu problem in IE11 #558
  • Ensure only admin-level logged in users can access ProPhoto customizer


Bugfix (6/7/16)

  • Fix bug that caused javascript errors for IE10 and older browers without ES6 support


Bugfixes (6/7/16)

  • Fix inheritance bug with adding new entities from parent templates #561
  • Fix bug with excerpt images not being found - (affects things like og:image for Facebook) #564


New features & bugfixes -- Blog post (6/7/16)

  • New feature: Copy/pasting widgets
  • New feature: Customizable text/tile/image "Read more" excerpt links for grids and standard excerpts #297
  • New feature: Upload favicon and apple-touch-icon for site identity #281
  • Enhancement: Select multiple gallery images and reorder them as a group #543
  • Fix inability to drag/drop upload images on galleries admin screens #548
  • Fix bug that caused mobile menu top/bottom padding customization to not apply #560
  • Fix bug with positioning of stuck sticky block when mobile menu open #557
  • Fix bug editing existing embedded grid in post/page #556


Bugfixes (6/2/16)

  • Hopefully fix problem copying Morgan free design on 1and1 and other servers #555
  • Resolve a few scroll-to link problems #549
  • Fix improperly rendered Mac command character for Safari 9 #544


Bugfixes (5/31/16)

  • Fix bug that could cause Facebook <og:image> image data to not update when featured image changed #547
  • Fix bug with Proofing plugin auto-updating when WordPress not in English #546
  • Fix bug extracting uploaded design zips on Windows servers #545
  • Support extensible grids for Proofing grid types


Scroll-to links, usability enhancements, more -- Blog post (5/27/16)

  • New feature: Easily create links that smoothly scroll to blocks & rows #163
  • Enhancement: Numerous usability and workflow improvements for managing gallery images
  • Minification of generated css for performance
  • Add infrastructure for support diagnostics
  • Fix bug causing menu re-ordering problems with lengthy menus #533


Bugfixes (5/25/16)

  • Fix bug that caused last form element to be deleted instead of chosen element #539
  • Fix problem with block-height overrides in Safari #540
  • Fix bug that could cause unexpected gallery appearance on mobile devices #538
  • Prevent error messages when saving a widget without changing widget data #537
  • Fix gallery images not visible in admin if any gallery images deleted #536


Release, enhancements, & bugfixes (5/24/16)

  • Remove beta label
  • Enhancement: Add user-interface for easily embedding ProPhoto forms in posts/pages
  • Enhancement: Show template in front-end WordPress admin bar as link to edit that template
  • Enhancement: Show ProPhoto responsive screensize in front-end WordPress admin bar
  • Enhancement: Add default spacing for graphic widget label #464
  • Enhancement: Add new tile square should always be first, and scroll to copied tile
  • Improve appearance of test-drive and other admin notices on form log page #535
  • Clear tile image upload dropzone for multiple image layers #502
  • Fix widget body h1 font-style overriding widget headline font-style #511
  • Prevent gallery fullscreen button from appearing on devices that don't support html5 fullscreen api #516
  • Fix aspect ratio of uploaded design images in Safari #525
  • Don't force prev/next gallery controls on mobile for auto-starting galleries #528
  • Fix gallery prev/next arrow alignment when control bar outside of gallery #531
  • Fix Facebook comments not respecting language setting #534
  • Remove javascript popup prompt for Zendesk help widget email address
  • Don't display input box explanatory help for boxes without help text

Beta Changelog:

For the pre-release beta changelog, go here.