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The first and only download manager/accelerator built inside Firefox!

Developing Just clone the repository and use an extension proxy file. No additional build step required.

  • Pull requests welcome. By submitting code you agree to license it under MPL v2 unless explicitly specified otherwise.
  • Please stick to the general coding style.
  • Please also always add unit tests for all new js modules and new module functions.
  • Unit tests for UI (overlays) aren't required at the moment, but welcome. There is currently no infrastructure to run those, though.

Building an XPI


Important bits of code

  • modules/glue.jsm - This is basically the main module, also specifying the general environment for all modules and window scopes.

  • modules/main.js - General setup.

  • modules/loaders/ - "overlay" scripts. Different to traditional Firefox add-ons, DownThemAll! does not use real overlays and overlay scripts, but kind of simulates overlays via modules.

  • chrome/content/ - UI. Right now, due to historical reasons and some too-tight coupling the UI JS also contains some of the important data structures such as QueueItem (representing a single queued download)

  • Please note that being restartless requires code to clean up after itself, i.e. if you modify something global you need to reverse the modifications when the add-on is unloaded. See unload()and unloadWindow() (in glue.jsm and/or support/overlays.js)

  • Please make use of the niceties Firefox JS (ES6) and of the global helpers from glue.jsm, in particular:

    • for of loops
    • Sets and (weak) maps
    • generators
    • comprehensions and destructoring assignment
    • Object.freeze(), Object.defineProperties(), etc.
    • log()
    • lazy()/lazyProto()
    • Services and Instances