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Planned for later.

  • Inter-addon API (basic)
    • Add downloads
  • vtable perf: cache column widths
  • Download options
    • This is a bit more limited, as we cannot modify options of downloads that have been started (and paused) or that are done.



  • Landing Page v4
  • Drag-n-drop ordering
  • Drag-n-drop files
  • Inter-addon API (hooks)
    • Manipulate downloads (e.g. rewrite URLs)
  • Native context menus?
    • Would require massive reworks incl the need for new icon formats, but potentially feasible.
  • Download priorities (manual scheduling overrides)
  • Remove any types as possible, and generally improve typescript (new language to me)


Stuff that probably cannot be implemented due to WeberEension limitations.

  • Avoid downloads going "missing" after a browser restart.
    • Firefox helpfully keeps different lists of downloads. One for newly added downloads, and other ones for "previous" downloads. Turns out the WebExtension API only ever queries the "new" list.
  • Segmented downloads
    • Cannot be done with WebExtensions - downloads API has no support and manually downloading, storing in temporary add-on storage and reassmbling the downloaded parts later is not only efficient but does not reliabliy work due to storage limitations.
  • Conflicts: ask when a file exists
    • Not supported by Firefox
  • Speed limiter
    • Cannot be done with the WebExtensions downloads API
  • contenthandling aka video sniffing, request manipulation?
    • PITA and/or infeasible - Essentially cannot be done for a large part and the other prt is extemely inefficient
  • Checksums/Hashes?
    • Cannot be done with WebExtensions - cannot actually read the downloaded data
  • Mirrors?
    • Cannot be done with WebExtensions - no low level APIs, see segmented downloads
  • Metalink?
    • Currently infeasible, as we cannot look into download data streams. Headers-only might be an option. But then again, metalink's features are mirrors and checksums, and we cannot do those.