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Right now we did not standardize on a tool/website/community use for translations

Website-based Translation

Please go to for a "good enough" tool to translate DownThemAll! for now. It will load the English locale as a base automatically.

Then you can translate (your progress will be saved in the browser). Once done, you can Download the messages.json and test it or submit it for inclusion.

You can also import your or other people's existing translations to modify. This will overwrite any progress you made so far, tho.

Manual Translation

  • Get the en/messages.json as a base.
  • Translate the "message" items in that file only. Whip our your favorite text editor, JSON editor, special translation tool, what have you.
    • Do not translate anything besides the "message" elements. Pay attention to the descriptions.
    • Do not remove anything.
    • Do not translate $PLACEHOLDERS$. Placeholders should appear in your translation with the same spelling and all uppercase. They will be relaced at runtime with actual values.
  • Make sure you save the file in an "utf-8" encoding. If you need double quotes, you need to escape the quotes with a backslash, e.g. "some \"quoted\" text"
  • You should translate all strings. If you want to skip a string, set it to an empty "" string. DTA will then use the English string.

Testing Your Translation

  • Go to the DownThemAll! Preferences where you will find a "Load custom translation" button.
  • Select your translated messages.json. (it doesn't have to be named exactly like that, but should have a .json extension)
    • If everything was OK, you will be asked to reload the extension (this will only reload DTA not the entire browser).
  • See your strings in action once you reloaded DTA (either by answering OK when asked, or disable/enable the extension manually or restart your browser).

Submitting Your Translation

If you're happy with the result and would like to contribute it back, you can either file a full Pull Request, or just file an issue and post a link to e.g. a gist or paste the translation in the issue text.