Speed limitation does not lower physical download peed of the pc #156

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ToBos commented Nov 21, 2016

Your DownThemAll! and Browser Version and Language and Operating System

DTA 3.0.8; Firefox 50.0 64Bit; Windows 10 1607

Expected Behavior

When I limit speed inside DTA to 100kB/s and there are no other internet activities, I would expect that windows task manager also will show about 100kB/s.

Actual Behavior

DTA set to 100kB/s does indead reduce the download speed displayed inside DTA, but task manager still shows full speed (in my case 1MB/s).
When I afterwards go back to unlimited speed inside DTA, than DTA shows very high rates, which are higher than physically possible by my internet rate of 1MB/s.

Steps To Reproduce

It seems, that the pc still is downloading at its maximum rate and is buffering the data until DTA takes it.

Additional info such as log extracts

I need possibility to limit maximum effective download speed of DTA to allow a second pc in my home network to share access to the internet too.

nmaier commented Dec 9, 2016

Seems like something like an Antivirus software or firewall is actually intercepting the download

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