Bug: previous locations & naming masks dropdown missing #173

SimonDedman opened this Issue Jan 5, 2017 · 2 comments


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SimonDedman commented Jan 5, 2017 edited

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3.0.8 EN-UK Xubuntu 16.10

Expected Behavior, ### Actual Behavior, ### Steps To Reproduce

Dropdown arrows to select previously-used locations or naming masks have disappeared. Functionality remains, but hit boxes are hidden and about a pixel wide, on the right of the white box.
See: http://imgur.com/a/BSIv3

nmaier commented Jan 26, 2017

Sounds like a theme bug in your distro to be be honest


Possibly but seems strange that it would just suddenly occur - I'm not aware that xfce has updated any time recently and I've not noticed any problems with anything else. Just tried uninstalling & reinstalling DTA, no change. Tried switching UK Flag to default firefox theme, and back, no change. Any way I can help debug this?

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