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iripu commented Jan 10, 2017

Your DownThemAll! and Browser Version and Language and Operating System

DTA 3.0.8, Firefox 48.0.2 32bit PortableApps, Windows 8.1 core 64bit, en-GB both FF and OS

Expected Behavior

There are many websites that changes download links periodically. The files allow pausing and continue. But the download links stop working after that period. Suppose I am downloading a 1 GB file. Due to some reason I can't complete it and it was paused at 80%. I come back after a day and try to resume it. But, the download link has already stopped working. The file is now available at a different link. DTA will now show an error and all that 800mb will be deleted. I wish DTA to keep it at the paused state and may be show a message that the file is not available at that location now. And if I enter a new download link, it will continue from that 80% just like normal.

Actual Behavior

After error, can't resume download. It deletes whatever amount has been downloaded and deletes the chunk bits information.

Steps To Reproduce

Start downloading any Youtube video (I use Flashgot extension), pause at about 10%, close Firefox if you want. After about 24 hrs, try to resume that file. It will show error and you will not be able to continue even if you enter a new download link.

Additional info such as log extracts

Please enable Diagnostic Logging in the Privacy tab of the DownThemAll! preferences and either copy/paste essential part of the log or attach the entire log. Please note that the log may include sentitive information which you have to remove prior to posting it!

Gabr-F commented Jan 13, 2017

Note that as a workaround, if you think that the link might not be valid anymore, before restarting the download you can add the new (currently working) address through Right click -> Advanced -> Manage Mirrors.

iripu commented Jan 19, 2017

I know that workaround. But the issue seems simple to fix, just don't delete the file. DTA is around for so long, this issue should have been fixed years ago.

Gabr-F commented Jan 19, 2017

Yeah, in any circumstance automatically deleting anything in case of errors seems stupid.
What if it took one weeks to get to that point, and he knew a way to complete the download if only what had been downloaded so far hadn't been deleted?

I presume this is an accidental behaviour, but it's quite serious and ought to be corrected. It seems there isn't a lot moving in this project lately though.

nmaier commented Jan 26, 2017

Leaving errored out files around is not an option either. Other download tools, in particular the built-in downloaders of browser, remove the partial (temp) downloads too in case of a hard error such as 404.

Gabr-F commented Jan 27, 2017 edited

@nmaier What does that mean? If other download tools are stupid this one has to be too?

iripu commented Jan 29, 2017 edited

@nmaier What's the point if it follows what built-in downloader does? Desktop download managers never delete files like DTA does.

I can just add a new destination and resume the downloading. The "errored out" file is neither corrupted nor it does act like a malware, that you must have to delete to save the user's PC. It's just paused and can be resumed with a new link. It's not "hard error".

I never expected this kind of response.

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