Wrong schema for files and directories, cannot open files in file browser #183

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faxik commented Jan 29, 2017

Your DownThemAll! and Browser Version and Language and Operating System

Firefox 51 (actually, any version), English, Linux, OpenSuSE Tumbleweed (and 42.2, at least).

DTA shows locations of the local files as ///path/to/file/or/directory, so when it is then tries to open it in a file manager, it fails. It fails, for example, in Dolphin and SMPlayer.

To my opinion, correct schema should be either file:///path/to/file/or/directory or /path/to/file/or/directory.

This issue first appeared about 4 months ago.

Expected Behavior

File or directory opens.

Actual Behavior

File manager complains about the missing file

Steps To Reproduce

Save a file, try to open it in Dolphin.

Additional info such as log extracts

Please enable Diagnostic Logging in the Privacy tab of the DownThemAll! preferences and either copy/paste essential part of the log or attach the entire log. Please note that the log may include sentitive information which you have to remove prior to posting it!

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