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Find all git repositories on your local machine and produce a csv file with all git log information.

Open the csv file with Excel. Apply filter. Start analyzing the provided information.

The column are : Project name, Hash, Author, Date, Message.

Use cases

  • Sort by Author and compute date difference between commits to build a knowledge base and better estimate similar job in the future.
  • Sort by Project name and compute the subtotal of all date difference to estimate the total amount of work done on each project. (It is maybe useful if you jump on lot of project.)
  • Add a column week number (WEEKNUM formula on Excel). Changes color between weeks. You can analyse the progression each week of all projects.
  • Find repositories with changes not committed.

For example: (make sure to run the script findAllGitFolders before)

curl | bash -s gitfolders.txt "git status"

How to run

  • Move to the parent folder containing all your repositories.
  • You may need to change the value 5 to a greater value (it indicates the max depth for searching git folder)
  • Run these scripts: (or download the 3 scripts from the repository)
curl | bash -s . gitfolders.txt 5
curl | bash -s gitfolders.txt "git pull origin master"
curl | bash -s gitfolders.txt result.csv


You don't have to run the first script everytime. (It's useful to detect new repository only.)

It will try to get the new commits on the remote servers (If you don't want to update repositories, do not run the second script.)

It will overwrite the gitfolders.txt file.

It will search for a max depth of 5 from "." ("." means the current folder. You can specify relative or absolute path also.)

You can open the gitfolders.txt file and remove any repository path you don't want to get the log.

The third script will produce a csv file based on git log command.

It will overwrite the result.csv file.

Copyright and license

Code released under the MIT license.


Find all git repositories on your local machine and produce a csv file with all git log information.





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