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How to use Tesseract OCR 4.0 with C#
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How to use Tesseract OCR 4.0 with C#

Sure you can compile it, but here is a quick and easy way to get the job done.


NOTE: All the required files to run the demo are in this repo. You can skip the installation section for now.

You may find this section helpful when you are ready to integrate Tesseract in your app in c#.


  • Open the solution on Visual Studio 2017 (Demo.sln)
  • Run it

The ParseText function is thread-safe.

Folder structure

  • Demo (C# solution)
  • Samples (Images you want to extract text)
  • tesseract-master.1153 (The build version I am gonna use for the demo)
    • tessdata (data files for the languages)
      • eng.traineddata
      • fra.traineddata

Copyright and license

Code released under the MIT license.

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