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forked from presidentbeef/brakeman

A static analysis security vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails applications

Updated Jan 25, 2016


forked from cjbottaro/app_config

Rails plugin that provides environment specific application configuration.

Updated Sep 17, 2015


forked from tobmatth/rack-ssl-enforcer

A simple Rack middleware to enforce ssl connections

Updated Jul 22, 2015


forked from collectiveidea/delayed_job_active_record

ActiveRecord backend integration for DelayedJob 3.0

Updated Apr 7, 2015


forked from brendandoxo/ruby-box

Ruby SDK for Box API v2.0

Updated Oct 17, 2014


forked from relevance/cap_gun

Bang! You've deployed!

Updated Aug 21, 2014

Ruby 0 9


forked from automateit/automateit

AutomateIt is an open source tool for automating the setup and maintenance of servers, applications and their dependencies.

Updated Jul 8, 2014


forked from inossidabile/wash_out

Dead simple Rails 3/4 SOAP server library

Updated Apr 27, 2014

Ruby 1 7


forked from rwjblue/X12

X12 Parser - a library to manipulate X12 structures using native Ruby syntax. This is only a github clone of the X12 rubyforge project located at:

Updated Jan 30, 2014


forked from ruby-ldap/ruby-net-ldap

Pure Ruby LDAP library

Updated Jul 23, 2013


forked from activescaffold/active_scaffold

Fork to try to resolve some issues in combination with the rails_xss plugin

Updated Mar 29, 2013


forked from rails/rails

Ruby on Rails

Updated Jan 11, 2013


forked from josh/rack-ssl

Rack middleware to force SSL

Updated Aug 21, 2012

JavaScript 1 186


forked from mikewisian/Gritter

A small growl-like notification plugin for jQuery

Updated May 7, 2012

Ruby 1 3


forked from endeepak/rspec-multi-mock

Allows multiple mock frameworks to be in action in RSpec (With no monkey patching on Rspec)

Updated Mar 9, 2012

JavaScript 2 55


forked from jaz303/boxy

General purpose copycat Facebook dialog/overlay

Updated Oct 17, 2011


forked from collectiveidea/delayed_job

Database based asynchronously priority queue system -- Extracted from Shopify

Updated Aug 4, 2011


forked from galetahub/simple-captcha

Rails 3 support now! Simple Captcha is the simplest and a robust captcha plugin. Its implementation requires adding up a single line in views and in controllers/models.

Updated Jul 29, 2011


forked from nesquena/rabl

Ruby API templating language for json and xml

Updated Jul 26, 2011


forked from collectiveidea/audited

acts_as_audited is an ActiveRecord extension that logs all changes to your models in an audits table.

Updated Mar 25, 2011

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