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Bug fix for rendering the VHDL Hierarchy (thanks to a patch by Martin…

… Kreis)
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Dimitri van Heesch
Dimitri van Heesch committed Jun 5, 2016
1 parent 64597bb commit 10256be351f8f00ba5986750a08df1108bf6a4f7
Showing with 871 additions and 914 deletions.
  1. +13 −64 vhdlparser/
  2. +846 −846 vhdlparser/VhdlParser.h
  3. +12 −4 vhdlparser/vhdlparser.jj
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2 comments on commit 10256be


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gruenich replied Sep 6, 2016

This commit reverted my two last commits to this file. Probably the merge conflict was wrongly resolved. Can you handle this our should I rebase my commits and open a pull-request?


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doxygen replied Sep 6, 2016

Please open a pull request, but beware that most files in vhdlparser are generated by javacc so they will be lost each time the generator is rerun! See the regenerate rule in the Makefile for details and change the source file (vhdlparser.jj).

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