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Documentation HTML Header, Footer, and Stylesheet changes

Adjusted text to better reflect current situation.
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albert-github authored and Dimitri van Heesch committed Jan 1, 2015
1 parent e7a6a68 commit 1dded5c92a13f9db60fc630cbe5f2cc5ad9bede0
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@@ -117,9 +117,9 @@ This will create 3 files:
You should edit these files and then reference them from the config file.
- \ref cfg_html_header "HTML_HEADER" = \c header.html
- \ref cfg_html_footer "HTML_FOOTER" = \c footer.html
- \ref cfg_html_stylesheet "HTML_STYLESHEET" = \c customdoxygen.css <b>&larr;obsolete</b>
- \ref cfg_html_extra_stylesheet "HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET" = \c my_customdoxygen.css
\note it is not longer recommended to use HTML_STYLESHEET this way,
\note it is not longer recommended to use \ref cfg_html_stylesheet "HTML_STYLESHEET",
as it make it difficult to upgrade to a newer version of doxygen. Use
\ref cfg_html_extra_stylesheet "HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET" instead.

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