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Fix not initialized pointer when parser is starting on a new file.

The pointer oldEntry holds the last value of VhdlParser::current and is
compared to detect comment blocks that belong together. This could lead to
false positives when a new file is parsed and the new entry in
VhdlParser::current has by change the same pointer value as the old entry.
Doxygen warning like "warning: Found unknown command `\brief'" are the
consequence that leads to concatenated brief and detailed description in
the resulting output.
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Andreas Regel
Andreas Regel committed Dec 4, 2017
1 parent 4f45bd2 commit 52fb4cd5bb085960476e0cd256cc81db1370839d
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  1. +1 −0 src/vhdljjparser.cpp
@@ -196,6 +196,7 @@ void VHDLLanguageScanner::parseInput(const char *fileName,const char *fileBuf,En
oldEntry = 0;
VhdlParser::current=new Entry();

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