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Help message regarding layout file

The name of the layout file can be omitted.
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albert-github committed Jan 1, 2015
1 parent ed39dab commit 7569f42d95332a5948e9d35e94e88d56d11634a9
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@@ -9962,7 +9962,7 @@ static void usage(const char *name)
msg(" If - is used for configName doxygen will read from standard input.\n\n");
msg("4) Use doxygen to generate a template file controlling the layout of the\n");
msg(" generated documentation:\n");
msg(" %s -l layoutFileName.xml\n\n",name);
msg(" %s -l [layoutFileName.xml]\n\n",name);
msg("5) Use doxygen to generate a template style sheet file for RTF, HTML or Latex.\n");
msg(" RTF: %s -w rtf styleSheetFile\n",name);
msg(" HTML: %s -w html headerFile footerFile styleSheetFile [configFile]\n",name);

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