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Error message is given for make distclean as generated_src is a direc…


generated_src is a directory and should be removed with the -rf flag.
Similar for other directories like bin, objects, lib, html latex, objects.
Directories man, rtf, perlmod, xml have been added for convenience (when testing with other documentation formats)
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albert-github committed Feb 5, 2014
1 parent 317c26a commit 76701e2bfb688ac22a751c4f03b28fa9d5f594f7
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@@ -39,17 +39,21 @@ distclean: clean
-cd addon/doxmlparser/src ; $(MAKE) distclean
-cd addon/doxmlparser/test ; $(MAKE) distclean
-cd addon/doxmlparser/examples/metrics ; $(MAKE) distclean
-rm -f lib/lib*
-rm -f bin/doxy*
-rm -f html
-rm -f latex
-rm -f objects/*/*.o
-rm -rf lib
-rm -rf bin
-rm -rf objects
-rm -rf html
-rm -rf latex
-rm -rf man
-rm -rf perlmod
-rm -rf rtf
-rm -rf xml
-rm -f src/Makefile.doxygen src/Makefile.libdoxygen
-rm -f src/Makefile.libdoxycfg src/libdoxycfg.t src/libdoxygen.t
-rm -f libmd5/Makefile.libmd5
-rm -f .makeconfig .tmakeconfig
-rm -f src/ src/ qtools/ src/ libmd5/
-rm -f generated_src/*
-rm -rf generated_src
-rm -f addon/doxywizard/
-rm -f VERSION
-rm -f packages/rpm/doxygen.spec

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