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Fixed regression due to buffer resizing while generating RTF.

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Dimitri van Heesch
Dimitri van Heesch committed Jan 3, 2015
1 parent 088896f commit a1f2872ef098cfcc526002b9c9d533da6f2775b5
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  1. +0 −2 src/rtfgen.cpp
@@ -2370,14 +2370,12 @@ static bool preProcessFile(QDir &d,QCString &infName, FTextStream &t, bool bIncl
err("read error in %s before end of RTF header!\n",;
return FALSE;
if (bIncludeHeader) encodeForOutput(t,;
} while (lineBuf.find("\\comment begin body")==-1);
while ((len=f.readLine(lineBuf.rawData(),maxLineLength))!=-1)
int pos;
if ((pos=lineBuf.find("INCLUDETEXT"))!=-1)

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