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hakanardo committed Jan 12, 2014
1 parent 09a5fc1 commit c5bc9fc8c407aac845d594b2685d0c92699727d8
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@@ -2686,6 +2686,15 @@ EXTRA_PACKAGES=times
the generated man pages. In case
the manual section does not start with a number, the number 3 is prepended.
The dot (.) at the beginning of the \c MAN_EXTENSION tag is optional.
<option type='string' id='MAN_SUBDIR' format='string' defval='man3' depends='GENERATE_MAN'>
The \c MAN_SUBDIR tag determines the name of the directory created within \c MAN_OUTPUT
in which the man pages are placed. If defaults to man followed by \c MAN_EXTENSION
with the initial . removed.

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