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Fortran FUNCTION source code

In case of a Fortran FUNCTION there was a difference between the handling of the source code lines for functions with and without the RESULT clause. This has  been made uniform.
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albert-github authored and Dimitri van Heesch committed Jan 1, 2015
1 parent 610bdb6 commit e7a6a682137a82dbdf847b1879f320ece4f3642f
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@@ -988,6 +988,8 @@ private {
current->bodyLine = yyLineNr + lineCountPrepass + 1; // we have to be at the line after the definition and we have to take continuation lines into account.
current->startLine = yyLineNr;
<Start,ModuleBody,SubprogBody,InterfaceBody,ModuleBodyContains,SubprogBodyContains>^{BS}({PREFIX}{BS_})?{SUBPROG}{BS_} {

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