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Fix id parsing for atx markdown headers

isAtxHeader() parses out the id and the title into the appropriate
variables.  The subsequent call to extractTitleId() would then have the
trimmed title (without the id ref) as input, and hence always set id to
be empty.
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randomguy3 authored and Alex Merry committed Jan 21, 2014
1 parent 683ef76 commit ee830bb8888535ac48c0c4fd90580542e7f70481
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  1. +0 −1 src/markdown.cpp
@@ -2184,7 +2184,6 @@ static QCString extractPageTitle(QCString &docs,QCString &id)
id = extractTitleId(title);
//printf("extractPageTitle(title='%s' docs='%s' id='%s')\n",,,;
return title;

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