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\section log_1_8 1.8 Series
\subsection log_1_8_9_1 Release
<b>(release date 04-01-2015)</b>
<a name=""></a>
<li>Fixed a couple of cases where sharing string data could lead to corruption [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Various VHDL related fixes [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Bug <a href="">742151</a> - Bogus warning: citelist: Unexpected new line character [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Bug <a href="">742230</a> - @todo paragraphs incorrectly placed in rtf output [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Bug <a href="">742235</a> - Bogus message with addtogroup [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Documentation HTML Header, Footer, and Stylesheet changes [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Documenting RESULT variable of Fortran FUNCTION [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Fix potential null pointer dereference in src/context.cpp [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Fixed compilation issue on Windows [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Fortran FUNCTION source code [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Fortran: code color GOTO as flow keyword. [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Help message regarding layout file [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Remove unused local and static global variables [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Suggestion to use stripPrefix has been implemented for RESULT. For consistency also implemented for arguments. [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
<li>Switched back to version 6.2 of JavaCC for VHDL parser generation. [<a href="">view</a>]</li>
\subsection log_1_8_9 Release 1.8.9
<b>(release date 25-12-2014)</b>

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