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Wrong UTF 8 codes

The utf-8 code for eta was identical to the code for theta and the code for Prime was identical to the one for prime
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albert-github committed Jan 15, 2014
1 parent de9e2e0 commit fd4beb272e5f1a760a71ab8d85463b8356c6f786
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  1. +2 −2 src/util.cpp
@@ -5765,7 +5765,7 @@ QCString convertCharEntitiesToUTF8(const QCString &s)
entityMap.insert("delta", "\xCE\xB4");
entityMap.insert("epsilon", "\xCE\xB5");
entityMap.insert("zeta", "\xCE\xB6");
entityMap.insert("eta", "\xCE\xB8");
entityMap.insert("eta", "\xCE\xB7");
entityMap.insert("theta", "\xCE\xB8");
entityMap.insert("iota", "\xCE\xB9");
entityMap.insert("kappa", "\xCE\xBA");
@@ -5786,7 +5786,7 @@ QCString convertCharEntitiesToUTF8(const QCString &s)
entityMap.insert("sect", "\xC2\xA7");
entityMap.insert("deg", "\xC2\xB0");
entityMap.insert("prime", "\xE2\x80\xB2");
entityMap.insert("Prime", "\xE2\x80\xB2");
entityMap.insert("Prime", "\xE2\x80\xB3");
entityMap.insert("infin", "\xE2\x88\x9E");
entityMap.insert("empty", "\xE2\x88\x85");
entityMap.insert("plusmn", "\xC2\xB1");

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