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Related pages todo, bug etc. show up with only one item per class (Origin: bugzilla #662190) #4441

doxygen opened this Issue Jul 2, 2018 · 0 comments


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doxygen commented Jul 2, 2018

status RESOLVED severity normal in component general for ---
Reported in version on platform Other
Assigned to: Dimitri van Heesch

Original attachment names and IDs:

On 2011-10-19 13:23:45 +0000, tombert wrote:

Using the new TCL scanner I created a file containing tcl code. In addition the doxy config file contains
ALIASES += "req=\xrefitem requirement "Requirement" "Requirements List" "

The Related Page for Bugs, Todos and Req contain only one element per class i.e. the bug bug123 and bug2 is missing, same with the other related pages.

@file tclass.itcl

@brief hello tom

@author Jon Do, Od Noj

@copyright Siemens AG Oesterreich

@brief Something about the basic-test class

@bug bug1 hello1

@todo do sowmthing new here 1

itcl::class basic-test {
inherit parentclass1 parentclass2
constructor {}

public method test1 {}       ;#< brief description of method test1

public variable mybasicvar1 1 ;#< description of variable1
public variable mybasicvar2 2 ;#< description of variable2
#private variable myprivate 2


@author Jon Do, Od Noj

@brief give me a note about the body

@returns not really specials

@param par1 tell you something about par1

@param par2 tell you something about par2

@details More details on this proc

can be entered later

@bug bug2 hello2

@todo do sowmthing new here 2

@Req HTR-3 first requirement

itcl::body basic-test::test1 {par1 par2 args} {
set options(a) 1

desc of parentclass1

@bug bug456 hello3

@Req HTR-4 was from customer xzqqqy

itcl::class parentclass1 {
public method m1 {}

hi tom

@bug bug123 hello5

@Req HTR-6 was from customer 124

itcl::body parentclass1::m1 {} {}

desc of parentclass2

itcl::class parentclass2 {
public method m2 {}

On 2011-10-21 09:13:11 +0000, wrote:

Multiple @bug and @todo statements work only in class comments.
Statements in function comments are documented in the function
description but not in the TODO and BUG page.

A question for Dimitri: In tclscanner.l I use the
convertCppComments() function to resolv ALIASES and the
parseCommentBlock() function to parse the comments.

Is there something special before calling these functions.
Should I have to set something additional in the entry?

On 2011-10-21 09:35:02 +0000, tombert wrote:

I had an older implementation of the tclscanner using doxygen 1.7.4 (not from you and not so sophisticated) in which each @bug showed up in the related page no matter where I put it.

The point is - bug2 shows up in the method description - so principally it's working - only it doesn't show up in the related pages ... whatever reason ...

thx for your support!

On 2011-10-22 20:00:01 +0000, wrote:

The statements are only missing if the documentation is done
before the itcl::body part. If the documentation is done
before the method declaration inside the class declaration
it is working.
To fix it I have to understand the the comment parsing.

May be Dimitri can give me a hint:
How can I add parsed documentation from one entry to another entry?
Currently I only add the entry->brief and entry->doc part.

On 2011-11-04 21:42:04 +0000, wrote:

Created attachment 200716
tcl scanner implementation

On 2011-11-04 21:52:46 +0000, wrote:

Workaround is to create separate entries for declaration and definition.

Some other changes in the new tclscanner.l file:

  • Create links for commands inside []

  • No creation of namespaces for classes without common procedures

  • Overall use of 0x1A to delimit scan context

  • Support of TCL_SUBST aliases in Doxyfile. To use this you have to
    insert the following lines in files config.xml:

On 2011-11-10 20:57:32 +0000, Dimitri van Heesch wrote:

Hi Rene,

I'll include your patch in the next subversion update.

I'm still not sure from the description how a user would use TCL_SUBST. Can you give a small example?

As for convertCppComments(): that should ideally be called on the whole file as it also does @cond processing, which can span multiple comments.

On 2011-11-11 18:35:24 +0000, wrote:

In tcl doesn't exist a single object system. You can even use different
systems in your code.

To use it you can use fully qualified commands like 'itcl::class' or
'oo::class'. But you can also import the commands and simply use 'class'.
The import doesn't have to be in the same file.

Also tcl is highly dynamic. You could write your own object system in it.
Or you can use your own special command to create functions.

With TCL_SUBST settings the doxygen parser can understand the used syntax
and use the correct parsing to create the documentation.

Do you mean calling convertCppComments() like in doxygen.cpp?
Unfortunately we have in tcl other comments (using #).
Is the @cond processing the only reason to call it on the whole file?
I will have a look on the @cond part.

On 2011-11-11 19:25:17 +0000, Dimitri van Heesch wrote:

(In reply to comment # 7)

With TCL_SUBST settings the doxygen parser can understand the used syntax
and use the correct parsing to create the documentation.

But are the substitutions done on all tokens in the source file, or just within comment blocks, or only when the parser expects a function or a type?

Do you mean calling convertCppComments() like in doxygen.cpp?
Unfortunately we have in tcl other comments (using #).
Is the @cond processing the only reason to call it on the whole file?
I will have a look on the @cond part.

I think the best solution would be to split the scanner into a language specific part that just looks for comment blocks, and a language neutral part that does the alias and @cond processing. The language specific parser could be triggered by a new method in the abstract ParserInterface.

On 2011-11-11 19:51:35 +0000, wrote:

Substitutions are done on all commands outside of comments.
You can find it inside tcl_command():
// remove leading "::" and apply TCL_SUBST
if (myStr.left(2)=="::") myStr = myStr.mid(2);
if (tcl.config_subst.contains(myStr))
The substituted string is then used so p.e.
TCL_SUBST = function=proc PRIV=private
gives the same result for the following two lines:
PRIV function myfunc {} {}
private proc myfunc {} {}

Mmh, the language neutral part for comments would be fine.
May be give it the comment part without the surrounding
delimeters (in C /* and /, C++ // and shells #).
Currently I already strip the # and add /
and */.

But I would prefer only one parser for one language.
Have you p.e. considered how to work with comments after
declarations and separate parsers?

On 2011-12-03 18:22:51 +0000, Dimitri van Heesch wrote:

This bug was previously marked ASSIGNED, which means it should be fixed in
doxygen version 1.7.6. Please verify if this is indeed the case. Reopen the
bug if you think it is not fixed and please include any additional information
that you think can be relevant.

@doxygen doxygen closed this Jul 2, 2018

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