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- Low Hanging Fruit
- need to write a test for the CGI::Expand behavior in
- we should be doing content-length stuff everywhere too
- perhaps centralize all the content-type handling too
- perhaps put all this plack fiddling into Jackalope::REST::Util
- Jackalope::REST::Service
- this should check the result in to_app to
look for errors that are not ours and wrap
them up in our exception objects accordingly
- look into Plack::Middleware::MethodOverride
- might want to return 412 Precondition Failed when delete If-Matches fails
- Caching options
- we should support eTags
- Media (binary data)
- see:
- Jackalope Auth Middleware
- if we want to restrict people based on a given
criteria, we can do that by having some kind of
middleware prune both the schema instance and
the resources, so that only the correct
links are present.
- Jackalope::REST::Client
- write it
- should be possible to script one of these
objects, a Jackalope::REST::Client::Harness
of sorts, it could take a JSON state machine
as input.
== LINKS ==
- LINK relations
- HTTP status codes
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