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Revision history for App-Termcast
0.13 2014-09-16
- Use a less intrusive (and more easily parsable) escape sequence for
metadata. I believe terminals should just ignore this if it ends up
actually getting sent to the terminal instead of stripped out by the
termcast server, but let me know if this isn't the case.
0.12 2012-03-15
- Handle disconnection better (make sure old connections are really
dropped, stop pegging cpu after reconnect)
0.11 2012-03-07
- Add some more options to stream_ttyrec
- Convert to use Term::Filter
0.10 2011-04-14
- Better handling of the terminal's raw mode, especially during
- Ensure that the server actually accepts our password
- Send terminal geometry with hello
- Send terminal geometry metadata on the fly
- Make the test suite a bit more reliable
0.09 2010-11-03
- More window resizing fixes
0.08 2010-11-03
- Clean up a few more edge cases with disconnects and window resizing
(doy, jasonmay)
- Repeatedly attempt reconnects if they fail, rather than just giving up
after trying once
0.07 2010-06-15
- Refactor the establishment message (the first line sent to the termcast
server) to its own attribute (jasonmay)
- Convert to more dzil stuff
0.06 2010-04-19
- Fix reconnecting (was using wrong method name)
0.05 2010-04-18
- Fix the default termcast server (how did that get changed?)
0.04 2010-04-18
- Stop ending the session when there is an error while writing to the
termcast server
- Refactor the code a bit to allow sending arbitrary data to the termcast
server without requiring an interactive session
- Add a script to stream a ttyrec file to the termcast server
- The command for the run method to run is now required to be passed to
the run method, rather than figuring it out from ARGV directly
0.03 2010-03-27
- Reconnect to the termcast server if the connection is interrupted
0.02 2009-09-27
- Add new option --bell-on-watcher to send a bell to your terminal
whenever a watcher connects
- Stop dying when the terminal is resized
- Use Scope::Guard to better clean up ReadMode when we're done
0.01 2009-07-11
- A few more bug fixes, and actual tests
0.01_02 2009-07-10
- A few bug fixes
0.01_01 2009-07-10
- Initial release