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Commits on Feb 20, 2012
  1. add some more tests

  2. this is no longer necessary

  3. @rafl

    No need for callchecker anymore

    rafl authored
  4. @rafl

    Reduce nesting level

    rafl authored
  5. @rafl

    Factor out op generation

    rafl authored
  6. @rafl
  7. @rafl

    Make the hook list double-linked

    rafl authored
    Just to prevent my brain from melting while trying to figure out how to iterate
    over it while deleting things.
  8. @rafl

    Fix a few warnings

    rafl authored
  9. @rafl

    Drop some useless code

    rafl authored
  10. @rafl
  11. @rafl

    Better name for lexicals

    rafl authored
    Also note why one name is sufficient.
  12. @rafl

    More tests

    rafl authored
  13. @rafl

    Add a temporary Makefile.PL

    rafl authored
  14. @rafl

    Another test

    rafl authored
  15. @rafl

    Remove dead code

    rafl authored
  16. @rafl

    Stop using call checkers

    rafl authored
  17. @rafl

    Initial prototype

    rafl authored
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