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Revision history for MooseX-Aliases
0.11 2013-07-12
- Doc fixes. (Toby Inkster, #4)
- Packaging cleanup.
- Drop old backcompat code for Moose < 2.00.
0.10 2011-04-29
- Make constructor argument aliases work for attributes in roles (ether,
0.09 2011-02-09
- Update Moose dep to make 'use MooseX::Aliases' work properly in roles.
- New Dist::Zilla stuff.
- The test suite now uses Test::Fatal instead of Test::Exception (Karen
- Forward compat for Moose inlining changes
0.08 2010-01-17
- Fix metarole usage for new role metarole interface (autarch).
0.07 2009-12-04
- Add dep on Test::Exception
0.06 2009-12-04
- Aliased init_args now work for immutable classes.
0.05 2009-09-22
- Switched the order of the arguments to the alias function. Existing
code should continue to work, with a warning, for now. This will be
removed sometime in the future.
- Fixed calling a wrong method when trying to throw an error.
0.04 2009-09-21
- Aliases should get the package name of the class they're defined in,
not of the class where the aliased method is from
0.03 2009-09-08
- Do aliasing correctly - use late binding so aliases that get overridden
in subclasses work properly
0.02 2009-09-03
- Attribute aliases now also allow the alias to be used as a constructor
0.01 2009-08-15
- Initial release