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@@ -1,12 +1,5 @@
for 0.0.1
-- make sure that using this for non-full-screen apps works sanely
- - should be able to just initialize a Term object and use it to write with
- colors in a regular program (although maybe not doing this functionality
- with an actual Term object makes more sense?)
- - for instance, .read() shouldn't try to parse escape sequences if we aren't
- in cbreak mode, and cbreak mode and keypad mode should possibly be tied
- together (or should .read() even make sense in cooked mode?)
- error handling
- probably should be able to initialize the escape code trie with a lot more
options, and optionally disable them if the terminfo capability doesn't
@@ -17,7 +10,6 @@ for 0.0.1
hardcoded stdin/stdout (should have a way to do colored error messages on
stderr at the very least)
- figure out rustdoc
-- figure out rustpkg

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