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AUXCLICK_JS_CHECK - Limit navigation flows to untrusted origins

The creation of a new browser window or the navigation to untrusted origins may lead to severe vulnerabilities. Additionally, middle-click causes Electron to open a link within a new window. Under certain circumstances, this can be leveraged to execute arbitrary JavaScript in the context of a new window.


Navigation to untrusted origins can facilitate attacks, thus it is recommend to limit the ability of a BrowserWindow and webview guest page to initiate new navigation flows. Middle-click events can be leverage to subvert the flow of the application.


Creation of a new window or the navigation to a specific origin can be inspected and validated using callbacks for the new-window and willnavigate events. Your application can limit the navigation flows by implementing something like:

win.webContents.on('will-navigate', (event, newURL) => {
    if (win.webContents.getURL() !== '') {

However, libchromiumcontent will trigger middle-click events as auxclick instead of click. Your application has to explicitly disable this insecure behaviour using something like:

mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
    "webPreferences": {
        "disableBlinkFeatures ": "Auxclick"


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