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WEB_SECURITY_JS_CHECK - Do not use disablewebsecurity

This flag gives access to the underline disablewebsecurity Chromium option. When this attribute is present, the guest page will have web security disabled. For instance, Same-Origin Policy (SOP) will not be enforced.

Please note that the Same-Origin Policy is not strictly enforced by the current implementation of Electron, due to a design flaw. As a result, this option is practically irrelevant at the moment.


When enabled, SOP is not enforced and mixed content is allowed (e.g. https page using JavaScript, CSS from http origins).


Check the webPreferences object passed to BrowserWindow, and look for webSecurity false:

mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
    "webPreferences": {
        "webSecurity": false

Additionally, search for the runtime flag —disable-web-security in the package.json, and within the application codebase.


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