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DoYouBuzz API connection examples

Here are two PHP examples to get informations from DoYouBuzz using either an oAuth connection or a Partner connection (for more information see the Documentation).


You must :

  • have a DoYouBuzz API Key and API Secret
  • have a local webserver with cURL installed
  • know if you have a Partner or Application access
  • know the link to the official DoYouBuzz API Documentation


  • Set your ApiKey, ApiSecret and site url in the config.php file
  • Launch app.php in your webserver (cURL extension must be installed).
  • You will then be redirected on on the authorization screen.
  • If you authorize the application to access your information, you will be redirected on your website with an extract of your DoYouBuzz datas

Partner (deprecated)

Please note this API is deprecated and will be removed soon. If you rely on this API please contact us.

  • Set your ApiKey and ApiSecret in the partner.php file
  • Change the userId parameter in the $url string (this user must has joined you private CV database so you can get his informations)
  • Launch partner.php in your webserver (cURL extension must be installed)


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