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We have all seen them - professional-looking websites with copyright notices that are several years out of date. A small oversight can make an otherwise stellar website into something that doesn't look quite as stellar. This is a jQuery plugin that will automatically keep those copyright notices up to date.

The steps to implement this are pretty simple.

1). You hard-code this year's value into an HTML element as part of your copyright notice. This needs to be a standard 4-digit value. The example code shows a span element with id="year". If you choose, you may leave this element blank.

Copyright 2014



2). Add the fuction call to your JavaScript code that examines the element that you specified in step 1. $('#year').copyRight();

3). Link to the jquery file from your html file. <script src="/js/jquery.copyRight.js"></script>

Here is a brief overview of the code. The function reads the contents from the HTML element (see step 1) into a string variable. If the contents of the HTML element is anything other than a 4-digit number, the function overwrites the contents with the current year.

The function also retrieves the current year from the 'Date' value of the user's computer and stores it into a numeric variable. If the contents of the HTML element is a 4-digit number, the function compares the two values. If the two values are not equal (uses !=, not !==), the function modifies the string content of the HTML element to include the 'firstYear' and 'thisYear' values. If the two values are equal(uses ==, not ===), the function doesn't change the HTML element.