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see the SETUP file for a more up-to-date roadmap for this process.

Requirements list for deploying Djangy

NOTE: places where www-data is mentioned may be replaced by whatever user apache/wsgi is running under.

Required symlinks:
/etc/apache2/sites-available/api.djangy.com -> /srv/djangy/www/external_api/config/apache.conf
/etc/apache2/sites-available/djangy.com -> /srv/djangy/www/d2/config/apache.conf
/usr/share/git-core/templates/hooks/post-receive -> /srv/djangy/post_receive.py

Gitosis must be set up according to:

Gitosis repositories must live in:

Gitosis-admin must be accessible to (meaning gitosis.conf needs these and the public keys):

Required public keys:

Required permissions:
/srv/git/repositories must be 755, owned by git
/srv/bundles must be 777
/srv/logs must be 777, owned by www-data
/srv/scratch must be 777, owned by www-data

Required database users:(username:password:db_name)

To get databases sync'd, assuming the users exist:

# this will run the fixtures and populate initial data
cd /srv/djangy/www/external_api/application/external_api/
python manage.py syncdb --settings=production

# this might not be necessary.  let's think about this some more
cd /srv/djangy/www/d2/application/d2
python manage.py syncdb --settings=production

Finally, ensure that each running django instance has a virtual environment (this should be scripted):

cd /srv/djangy/www/d2
virtualenv python-virtual
source python-virtual/bin/activate
easy_install django mako (and anything else we need)

Good to go! (Hopefully)