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// PSMTabStyle.h
// PSMTabBarControl
// Created by John Pannell on 2/17/06.
// Copyright 2006 Positive Spin Media. All rights reserved.
Protocol to be observed by all style delegate objects. These objects handle the drawing responsibilities for PSMTabBarCell; once the control has been assigned a style, the background and cells draw consistent with that style. Design pattern and implementation by David Smith, Seth Willits, and Chris Forsythe, all touch up and errors by John P. :-)
#import "PSMTabBarCell.h"
#import "PSMTabBarControl.h"
@protocol PSMTabStyle <NSObject>
// identity
- (NSString *)name;
// control specific parameters
- (float)leftMarginForTabBarControl;
- (float)rightMarginForTabBarControl;
- (float)topMarginForTabBarControl;
- (void)setOrientation:(PSMTabBarOrientation)value;
// add tab button
- (NSImage *)addTabButtonImage;
- (NSImage *)addTabButtonPressedImage;
- (NSImage *)addTabButtonRolloverImage;
// cell specific parameters
- (NSRect)dragRectForTabCell:(PSMTabBarCell *)cell orientation:(PSMTabBarOrientation)orientation;
- (NSRect)closeButtonRectForTabCell:(PSMTabBarCell *)cell withFrame:(NSRect)cellFrame;
- (NSRect)iconRectForTabCell:(PSMTabBarCell *)cell;
- (NSRect)indicatorRectForTabCell:(PSMTabBarCell *)cell;
- (NSRect)objectCounterRectForTabCell:(PSMTabBarCell *)cell;
- (float)minimumWidthOfTabCell:(PSMTabBarCell *)cell;
- (float)desiredWidthOfTabCell:(PSMTabBarCell *)cell;
- (float)tabCellHeight;
// cell values
- (NSAttributedString *)attributedObjectCountValueForTabCell:(PSMTabBarCell *)cell;
- (NSAttributedString *)attributedStringValueForTabCell:(PSMTabBarCell *)cell;
// drawing
- (void)drawTabCell:(PSMTabBarCell *)cell;
- (void)drawBackgroundInRect:(NSRect)rect;
- (void)drawTabBar:(PSMTabBarControl *)bar inRect:(NSRect)rect;
@interface PSMTabBarControl (StyleAccessors)
- (NSMutableArray *)cells;
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