Zebra label printer ZPL interpreter and rasterizator
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Zebra label printer ZPL interpreter and rasterizator

Convert pbm image file to ZPL:

	pbm2ZPL.pl print.pnm > print.zpl

Convert ZPL back into pbm image:

	ZPL2pbm.pl dump.zpl > dump.pbm

This is my attempt to document various quirks using Zebra printers
attached to Windows machines using USB:

Windows printer driver doesn't seem to support ZPL when shared over CIFS.

There is option to check pass-through, but then you have to wrap ZPL in
start/end markers which cups printer driver doesn't do.

Easier solution is to install port as Generic/Text printer under Windows
and share printer using lpd which is available in Windows XP and newer.

Install "zpl" printer with Generic / Text driver on Windows:

	Start > Printers and Faxes
	Add a printer > Next >
		Local printer attached to this computer >
		Use port: USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB) > Next >
		Generic > Generic / Text Only > Next >
		Printer name: zpl > default printer ? > No > Next >
		Do not share this printer > Next >
		Do you want to print a test page? > No > Next > Finish

Install lpd server on Windows:

	Start > Control Panel
	Add or Remove programs > Add/Remove Windows Components >
	Other Network File and Print Services > Details >
	Print Services for Unix > OK > Next > Finish

	[ Restart Windows to complete install ]

Allow connections from local subnet to port 515:

	Network Connections > Local Area Connection > Properties >
	Advanced - Windows Firewal > Settings >
	Exceptions > File and Printer Sharing > Add Port >
	Name: printer Port Number: 515 > TCP > Change scope >
	Ny network (subnet) only > OK > OK > OK ...

Enable lpd service:

	Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services >
	TCP/IP Print Server > Startup type: Automatic > Apply >
	Start > OK

Verify that lpd and firewall settings are correct:

	dpavlin@t61p:~$ rlpq -H -P zpl
	rlpq: warning: cannot bind to privileged port: lpd may reject

		Windows XP LPD Server
		Printer \\\zpl

Video of this procedure is available at: http://youtu.be/DMEo8rz-zo0