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Perl ACS server implementing CWMP protocol to manage CPE clients
Perl Shell
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perl-cwmp - Perl ACS server implementing CWMP protocol to manage CPE clients

Idea here is to implement simpliest possible TR-069 server which can talk to vendor's
CPE and support various quirks (mostly protocol violations) found in implementations.

This implementation follows specification:

CPE WAN Management Protocol v1.1 
TR-069 Issue 1 Amendment 2

Currently implemented:

+ 3.4.1 Encoding SOAP over HTTP
+ 3.4.2 Transaction Sessions
- 3.4.3 File Transfers
- 3.4.4 Authentication
- 3.4.5 Digest Authentication
+ 3.4.6 Additional HTTP Requirements


Idea is to be as lightweight as possible, but some perl modules might be installed
directly from CPAN

  $ git clone git://
  $ cd perl-cwmp

  $ sudo bin/

  $ perl Makefile.PL
  $ make

will check for dependencies and install them if necesarry


  $ ./bin/ --debug

This will start server with debug output. You may repeat --debug to increase debug level.

Sever will listen on *:3333, so now you can configure your CPE to connect to it.

When CPE first connects, ACS server will issue GetParameterNames untill it discovers
whole hierarchy and which parameters are writable.

After that, it will issue GetparameterValues requests, 16 in one batch to preserve
resources on CPE, until it reads all values present on CPE.

This will create file yaml/CPE_ID.yml with all parameters information from given CPE.

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