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Revision history for Perl extension Fuse.
0.01 Wed Nov 28 21:45:20 2001
- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
0.02 Sun Dec 2 18:59:56 2001
- works well enough to release, but still needs testing
0.03 Wed Dec 5 02:17:52 2001
- changed getattr() to smell like perl's stat()
- fleshed out the documentation a bit
0.04 Thu Nov 18 13:51:56 CET 2004
- new maintainer, Dobrica Pavlinusic <>
- updated to work with current CVS version of fuse
0.06 Sun Apr 03 16:15:00 BST 2005
- Add support for operations supported by FUSE 2.2.1
(flush, release, fsync, extended attributes)
- add mount options
0.07 Sun Dec 25 10:37:00 PST 2005
- Remove the FUSE_DEBUG constant; we never actually implemented
it to begin with.
- "make test" now uses the version of Fuse you've just built,
not the one installed in /usr/lib/perl5.
- getattr test now allows blksize to vary between host and fuse
fs, as this is not a bug.
- Add experimental support for threading. The following minor
API changes accommodate this:
- The nonexistent (yet documented) "unthreaded=>1" attribute
has been replaced with the "threaded=>1" attribute, and this
time it actually exists.
- Symbolic refs like "main::e_getattr" are now allowed for
callbacks, because threaded mode needs to share() the
callbacks, yet perl 5.8.7 does not allow share()ing code
refs yet. Direct code-refs are still supported as much
as possible (currently, non-threaded mode).
- testsuite uses a multithreaded, when available.
- Update docs accordingly. Update examples accordingly.
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